Miriam Klamkin, E.A., Tax and Prosperity Specialist Located in Beverly, MA

Do you need help with your taxes?

Do they make you feel overwhelmed and anxious?

Do you need someone you can trust to handle the complexities for you?

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Tax Preparation and Planning ~ Tax Resolution Services ~ Prosperity Coaching ~ Notary Public

Miriam is a true tax professional. I’m happy to have help with a stressful annual event. ~ Christopher

Miriam really helped and cared.  ~ Nezihe

Stop worrying about getting your taxes together and filed on time.

Miriam can help!  She is a knowledgeable preparer with 17 years of experience at H&R Block.

She helps you organize your information and takes meticulous care to file an accurate return that will get you the best legal result.

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Tax issues haunting you?

Miriam will help you handle any questions you receive from the IRS or state taxing authorities.  She'll be your representative so you don't have to deal with them directly.

Never pay the amount stated on an IRS or state DOR notice without checking!

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Would you like to be in a position where you can keep up with all your bills, save for the future, and still have some fun?

Miriam offers ongoing coaching to people who are looking for a supportive ally to help organize their finances and overcome emotional or energetic barriers to prosperity.

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I've always received an excellent value for the work that Miriam does for me. I've never heard my personal information being talked about among our common circle of friends. Miriam holds private information in confidence. I trust Miriam emphatically.

I highly recommend Miriam Klamkin. ~ Dana

Miriam Klamkin, Enrolled Agent

Miriam Klamkin is a seasoned tax preparer and advisor based in Beverly, MA.  Her experience and training with H&R Block prepared her to handle a wide variety of tax situations for individuals, businesses, and nonprofits.  She specializes in a calm, organized approach that puts you at ease.  She knows the importance of keeping your information secure and of making sure you understand what's going on with your money.  Her priorities are, first and foremost, keeping you square with federal and state tax law, then going for the best possible financial outcome for you.

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